The Peace Zone    

                   Surrendering Anxiety ... Choosing Peace of Mind


                          Are You Fed Up Living With Your Trauma, Stress and Pain? 

    Are you sick and tired of living with day to day misery?  You don't know what to do... 

  • You don't sleep well, you feel agitated or fearful too much of the day. 
  • Your body is taking longer to heal from surgery, broken bones, or illness.  
  • You keep taking medication that keeps you feeling sick or groggy and it affects your day to day living and relationships. 
  • The alcohol, drugs, abuse issues or obsessive compulsive mental thinking is driving you down a road you don't want to go and you don't have control
  • You have had a car accident with painful whiplash and you can't go back to work
  • A sudden death or shock that keeps you from dealing with life  

       Your heart deeply desires to be stress and pain free, healthy and happy with long lasting                  results.... but you feel hopeless that there is any solution to help you.

            What If I Told You There is a Simple Yet Profound Solution?

How Would That Affect The Quality of Your Life, Your Families and Friends.... and not only that.... The World?


This amazing process using Evolutionary Tools for Transformation brings peace of mind, self-confidence, self-love, abundance, greater health and loving relationships  

Imagine waking up the morning after a session with me, not feeling anxious, but a deep peace pervading your mind and body.  A new hope that you have not experienced before would spring forth to light up your day and bring a newness and refreshing energy within you. Your physical pain has been relieved and your body is healing much faster than expected.  

                                                   YOU ARE GETTING YOUR LIFE BACK!!! 

My aim is to support you to release old reactive programming and reactive fears that keep you from walking forward. No need to hash over your traumas!  You will experience Peace of Mind and be released from old addictions, phobias, PTSD and more.  Another aim working with this advanced technology healing is to help your body to release trauma from surgeries, broken bones, sprains / strains and more so the natural healing process is activated which speeds up your wound healing and gets you up and moving so you can have your regular life routine again!


With this New State of the Art Healing Technology, all of this can be accomplished with few sessions.  


"When I first arrived at Moreah's office, I was feeling stressed and my whole body was experiencing what I describe as "systemic pain." Within a couple of minutes of using the Infratonic 9, my chest and the tightness around my heart melted away.  I then used it to balance my brain and experienced a calming affect within minutes.  To top that off, after moving it to the top of my spine for several minutes, the systemic pain was calmed down and I felt a warmth and relief as though I had taken pain medication."  S. M.  Seattle, WA 


The Nessor can mobilize and vanish deep repetitive reaction from physical trauma, PTSD, unconscious, compulsive fears (phobias) addictive behaviors and more. You will experience them vanishing during a few Nessor sessions


How has the Nessor changed your life?

I have noticed that I am less emotionally dependent on others and that I am more conscious in choosing how I will be. I am not taking things personally. I am not reacting to triggers that I used to consistently. Jealousy of others or feelings of inadequacy are triggers that very recently feel as though they have dissolved out of my body and mind. I am more aware of my surroundings, quicker to speak from my intuition, more confident in who I am and what I say. I speak from the heart in the moment and I believe that the plans I put forward will succeed. My mind feels clear, calm, focused and poised. My heart is open and free. My body is strong and relaxed. As my ease of communicating increases and my level of intention in how I choose to be raises, I see my family radiating joy, peace and confidence.   Thank you, Moreah! "  B.F. Burien, WA

                                         The Secondary Side Effects are:

                                             1.  Pain relief / healing of illnesses

                                             2.  Peace of mind ...  relief from trauma/stress

                                             3.  Mental clarity and self-realization

                                             4.  Joy and a feeling/knowing all is good

                                             5.  Increase in awareness to make healthier decisions in life  

                                            6.  Higher quality of life and deeper connection to the divinity within

Its easy, effortless and safe to use.  No hashing of old traumas!  I can help you through 3 to 5 sessions... or more if you choose.  You can purchase Infratonic 9, Scalene Light and Infratonic S  to have at home to continue assisting your healing and removal of pain. 

Make an appointment NOW!  Get Your Life Back!!!

If you want to release old reactive programming and reactive fears that keep us from walking forward, PTSD, phobia's, addictions etc then you want read about the NESSOR

If you want to heal quickly from broken bones, surgical incisions, sprain/strains, back pain, sports injuries, whiplash, and a variety of illnesses etc

Then read about the Infratonic 9

If you want to feel happy and joyful all day, work in a positive environment, and / or to increase your business and financial return...

Then read about the Scalene Light

If you want to continue at home to release emotional issues like dissolving subliminal limiting beliefs, emotional cell memory, stuck emotions, stored emotional trauma in tissue and reaching chronic tension and inflammation stored deep in the body...

Then read about the Infratonic S

This is the most amazing healing you will ever have and you can do this in your own home !!!

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