LightBody Activations

 What if You Could Have a Leap in Consciousness That Could Make a Profound Difference in Your Ability to Live in Joy and Receive Vast Abundance of All Good Things?  

    Would You Take This Leap of Faith?



People's experiences and comments about activating their Light Body

Many people have commented about their personal experience of awakening their LightBody. They say they are more able to control their emotions, stay calm and centered, more able to be open-hearted, transparent to other people's emotions, change their thoughts easily, and achieve expanded states of consciousness.  Some report a much stronger sense of self-identity and personal power.  Most reported improvements in their personal relationships.

Lightbody Activation Class 1   Includes experiencing and performing all 4 levels ss 1described in his book 'The Ascension Guidebook' by Duane Henkle.  You can buy the book before hand but, all directions will be printed out so you can follow easily by yourself.  The class will be 4 hours long.  Bring a lunch and snack I will provide water/tea. Also a massage table to practice on.  $150

Lightbody Activation Class 2  Includes experiencing and performing all 4 Galactic Activations.  Directions will be printed out to follow easily.  The book that has these activations is written by his sister Diana Stone 'Playing the Ascension Game'.  This is not Duane's book.  The class will be 4 hours long.  Bring a lunch and snack I will provide water/tea.  Also a massage table to practice on.  $150

Individual sessions:  For all 4 Lightbody Activations level 1, 45 minutes each $250.00  There will be 4 activations once a week.  We start with the 5th Dimensional Activation first week. Second week 6th Dimensional Activation along with 5th Dimension Activation.  Third week 7th Dimensional Activation along with 5th and 6th Dimensional activation. The last week is the DNA Activation along with 5th, 6th, and 7th Dimensional Activation. 


Where We Are Going

Now that we are entering the period of Ascension on this planet, it is imperative that we focus our thoughts in our spiritual practice to clear away the fears, limitations and judgments from our inner lives.  This in return will manifest compassion, joy and trust in our outer lives.   This is part of a psychological process and more importantly it affects the spiritual aspect of one's inner life.  This process has the ability to clarify and evolve meaning to many physical, emotional and mental difficulties one may have endured.  We can have a sudden change of perception that we finally see that this was a service to our life, rather than being negative or limiting.

The more you receive Lightbody activations, there will be a difference in your ability in your life to feel and live in joy and receive vast abundance beyond what you ever thought would be possible.  What would be the most fulfilling way to live than to be of the greatest service to God, all mankind and the planet by living in pure compassion, love and joy?

This Lightbody activation can provide this leap in consciousness.  I don't know of any other healing technique that comprises and activates the Lightbody completely.  I support anyone to immerse themselves in this Light Body activation process who is committed to live beyond this 3 D paradigm and want to ascend to the fifth dimension.

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 Lightbody Information

"The Lightbody Activation Manual" 

by Duane Henkle & Diana Stone

What is lightbody?  It's a matter-based physical body transformed into a light-based physical-etheric body, vibrating at a vastly higher rate than before.We humans have a physical body surrounded by a fifth-dimensional etheric blueprint.  The blueprint holds an axatonal (light and sound) meridian system that has been cut off from the Oversoul, thus causing aging and ultimately death.  Once reconnected, the human body is reprogrammed by the Oversoul into a new body of Light.  Reconnection to the Oversoul also renews the functioning of a vestigial energy-circulatory system that triggers massive physical transmutation throughout the body.

There is more to the light body than the physical body.  Also included are the three subtle bodies that surround the physical body.  First is the emotional body, which houses our emotions.  Next is the mental body that basically determines our reality.  This body hates change and worries mightily about survival when change does occur.  Farthest away from the physical body is the spiritual body that brings through the impulses of Spirit that the mental body quickly brands as not real.  These bodies, from a fifth-dimensional view, are spinning double-tetrahedrons, but in our current reality, they wobble and jam due to dysfunction.  

The physical body has seven spinning energy by centers that function in a restricted way and cannot handle fifth-dimensional frequencies.  As light body activation progresses, those seven chakras open up, along with seven chakras outside the body plus the Alpha and Omega chakras.  With all of this operating, an inner column of Light opens in the body through which travels oscillating waves that coordinate the body's mutation, among other wonderful things.

There are various levels of light body.  Moving through the levels is a gradual process that takes years to complete.  Each level has its own specific joys and challenges.  Those on the other side of the veil can actually determine light body level by analyzing changes in the chemical composition of our cells and their ability to metabolize light.  At some point in the future, the transformed physical body, the expanded chakra system and the spinning emotional, mental and spiritual bodies all unify into YOUR LIGHTBODY, extending outward to a diameter of some fifty feet.

Defining it further, your light body is a grid work of light and sacred geometry.  This grid work brings together your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being.  As you activate this body, you build and integrate your lightbody and reorganize your molecular structure, allowing your body to be less dense and more luminous and free to express itself with the source of the universe.

This lightbody is called "Mer-Ka-Ba".  This is a field of light that is seen in the shape of a star tetrahedron.  It is actually light energy and is electromagnetically links your multidimensional self with the infinite universe.  It is the blueprint from which your physical and subtle bodies are formed and from which your life's journey and soul purpose is made manifest.

Discussed in her book, "What is Lightbody?" by Tashira Tachi-Ren, "Activation of your light body consists of twelve levels.  As each level is completed, the energy must be integrated physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  For example, as spirit brings higher light vibrations and information in contact with your mental body, the mental body may say, "That's not real."  The emotional body picks up the same impulses from spirit and can close down rather than expressing itself.  Eventually, the physical body could become imbalanced which may result in some form of disease.  This creates an ongoing cycle of limitation that is based on the illusion of separation from spirit.  However, as you progress through each level, you will embody greater wisdom and clarity about your connection with spirit through the process of clearing and releasing the deepest layers of your core human issues."

What's My Path?

Many of you ask the question:  What is my evolutionary path here on Earth?  Now you know.  It is to develop your ability to be in your light body, free of the physical constraints of Earth, free of the restricted aspects of your life and to join a soon-to-become critical mass of light workers who connect with the fifth dimension and lead humanity HOME.

                                             Developing Your Personal Lightbody

By Drunvalo Melchizedek

1.  Your Lightbody Is Alive.  Realize that your Lightbody is alive.  It is conscious and aware of everything that is going on in the entire universe including other dimensions.

2.  Love Is The Key To Higher Consciousness.  Your Lightbody becomes more alive and it's awareness more accessible as your live for Life grows.  As you let go and forgive those that have harmed you; as you begin to love your enemies; as you begin to see the perfection in each moment with every breath; your Lightbody begins to function on higher and higher levels.  You become more conscious and able to function in new ways.  Your human potential is probably beyond anything you have ever imagined.  Love is the key.  The instructions that will follow are meaningless without this Love.  Please do not under estimate what I have just said.

3.  Your Lightbody Will Respond To Your Consciousness.  Your Lightbody will simply exist around your body if your consciousness does not give it instructions.  It is very much like a computer.  You can own a computer, but if you do not put software into it, it is not of much value.  And, of course, depending on what software you choose your computer will perform differently.  The Lightbody is similar.

Another example is a crystal (very similar actually).  A crystal will accept programs (thoughts, feelings or emotions) and will continue to send out these programs forever with great precision until someone or something erases the programs.  It was Marcel Vogel who first scientifically discovered this fact in recent times, but the native peoples of this world have known it at least back to the beginning of known civilization.  Marcel further found that crystals can only hold as many different programs as there are faces on the crystal.  This is not true with the Lightbody.  There is no limit to the number of "programs" that can be run in your Lightbody or "Mer-Ka-Ba".  You can program your Lightbody similar as you do your crystals and it will perform this duty forever or until you stop it or change it.