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Holistic Health Practitioners & Spiritual Healers

Dr. Aaron Collins  

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Dr. Aaron  Dr. Aaron Collins is the best chiropractor around.  He was able to turn my neck and spine around to being alm almost normal in 3 months. Now I am able to exercise, sleep, hike and travel without pain.  You will have  Hug have HUGE success with bio-physic chiropractic. Your LIFE WILL CHANGE FOR THE BEST!  Yeah!




Clinical Nutrition, Detoxification, and Wellness Progra


Clinical Nutrition, Detoxification, and Wellness Programs

"Many of our clients come to us after having tried many other types of care for problems that they have been dealing with for years. Our bodies are designed to heal and be healthy so if there are conditions that are not resolving then that indicates that there are some underlying barriers to healing. In our clinic we focus on identifying the underlying nutritional challenges and addressing them in an individually designed program of lifestyle changes and nutritional supplementation."      

Dr. Jeannette Birnbach   Designed Clinical Nutrition   2707 152nd Ave NE Redmond, WA 98052‎  (425) 747-2878     

Kim Boyden  

Kim Boyden is the founder of  'Vibrant Presence'  Hypnotherapy Specializing in Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation and Stress Management

Pamela McCann 

Pamela McCann lives in Federal Way, WA.  She specializes in colonics, all natural skin care, weight loss with HCG.  I have healed so much from having colonics, no more constipation or elimination problems.

Barbara Murphy 

Barbara Murphy uses Quantum physic vibration tools to help people transform and create perfect health.

Susan McAlley 

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Susan McAlley is the proprietor of I Am Spirit Art.

"Our Society has finally evolved to the level of consciousness to accept the truth about who we really are. Our Guides are here to help us experience, learn, and progress.

We all have Divine Spirit Guides. Some have been with us our whole lifetime, from previous or multiple lifetimes, and others are only with us for a short period of this life, and all are present to help guide us in service to the Universal Source of Infinite Intelligence & Love. These include our Guardian Angel, Angel Guides, Master Guides, Spirit Guides, Elementals, Animal Guides, Intergalactic Guides, and Ancestral Guides.

The loving Spirit Guide that presents itself to us when we do your drawing and message, is the Guide that is most timely for your life path, spiritual growth, and healing at the present time."