"Since my SRT / EFT session with Moreah, I feel a peace, a stillness and inner quiet, a feeling that my mind has emptied.  I feel incredibly grateful.  I have never felt this level of peace."                      Diane R.  L.A., CA


"Your SRT work goes straight to the nexus point.  You skillfully and intuitively address the soul level wound graciously.  The healing was incredible! I feel positive changes in my daily life."                 Elana L.  Sedona, AZ


"I feel incredibly more joyful, happy and alive since my SRT and EFT session.  It was/is a positive, life changing experience."        Brenda A.  San Diego, CA


"SRT /EFT with Moreah has opened the door to healing past traumas that were holding me back from living my life to its fullest.  The results are immediate, permanent and ongoing.                    Ann B.  Lynnwood, WA


"Thank you so much for the wonderful SRT healing.  I feel so much lighter and peaceful today.  I slept so well last night, waking up with more energy than usual. I feel happy for no reason at all, just glad to be alive.  I will recommend you to my friends.  Again, Thank you."                   Barb   Seattle, WA

 I have had SRT sessions with Moreah for over 6 years.  I have received accurate information about myself, pets, family members and friends.  Usually there would be a shift in behavior or healing in the physical body compared to how this person or pet used to be.  I also find her very accurate in her suggestions with using other health products since many she pendeled were verified by something I was already taking or products that were suggested by my nutritionist.   Her readings are very reliable and bring clarity to my life's situations helping me to mentally and emotionally feel more calm and peaceful.    Barb L. - Issaquah, WA